What Is PLR Articles

What Is PLR Articles and How To Use it To Benefits Your Online/Offline Business

If you are fancy about making money online, you should have heard the term of PLR articles. Private Label Content, often referred to as PLR comes in different formats including articles, blog posts, reports, eBooks, software, graphics, templates, video/audio, even minisite.

what is plr articles

When you buy the license to this type of digital product, you are granted certain rights including the ability to edit, use as it is, rebrand and sell as if you are the creator.

So now that you have a better idea of what PLR is and now you might want to know if they can really generate income and how much money you can make.

The answer to that question is YES however how much money you make will depend on what you do with it and how much effort you put into it. There are a number of different ways that you can turn Private Label Content into more profits for your business.

How to Use PLR Articles To Generate Revenue

PLR Articles are one of the most popular types of PLR products as the contents can be edited as you wish and available on just about any topic you can think of. Normally, you can purchase them in packages, individual, or as part of a monthly subscription service. Here are some of the ideas to get you started.

PPC Programs

Publish your PLR articles on website or blog content is an easy way to make money, but affiliate programs and pay-per-click programs usually pay low. For example, you will usually get only $0.50 for each Google AdSense click.

It takes some time to get to the required $100 payout. For that reason, you can consider compiling your articles into an eBook that you can sell. Arrange the articles in order, trim it, add in updated content and graphics, now you have your own eBook that you can sell to your website visitors or subscribers and keep the 100% profits.

Use Them To Create A Content Rich Website

Websites are great moneymaking tools because you can monetize it in several ways. For instance, you can sell related PLR info products, advertising, affiliate programs or your own products, they also give your business a solid online presence. When people are looking for something, they search for information online. If your website provides them with that information you are one step closer to gaining a customer and making a profit. Alternately, you can also flip the website through brokers likes Flippa.com.

Use Them To Effectively Promote Your Affiliate programs

Affiliate program is another popular way to make money, you can signup with affiliate networks like ClickBank, Commission Junction, JVzoo, LinkShare, and Amazon.

Let’s say if you decided on Golf Swing Tips niche.

First, source a bunch of Golf Swing PLR Articles and related affiliate programs. Next, edit the articles to suit your need, add in the affiliate links and compile them into PDF reports. Last, give away to your readers or list to promote your affiliate programs. You can also use the articles as newsletter content or eCourse, simply add in the links and broadcast them to your list. These are powerful ways to promote your affiliate programs as most of the people like free content.

Other ways of using PLR articles include:

  • Use them as a topic research
  • Create autoresponder series for own use or resell it
  • Create an eBook/report and use it as bonus to promote your product or affiliate programs
  • Use them as video or audio scripts
  • Coaching material
  • Use the content to create sales page
  • Turn the content into a seminar or a webinar that you can use to promote your business
  • any other content creation you can think of

You can also simply resell the content as it is. You only need 5 Steps To Sell PLR Content and keeps the 100% profits.

As you can see, if use the PLR Articles correctly, it really can bring massive profits to your online business.


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